So, You Have An App Idea?

5 Crucial Considerations To Avoid Soul Crushing Failure

Caroline Madec Posted 7th January 2020

So, you have a business…

You also have an app idea for your business.

You might be looking to improve customer retention, increase visibility or reduce operational costs. 

No matter the goal you’re trying to achieve, creating an app is a forward-thinking, effective way to stand out as a business and remain relevant in this digital playing field. 

There are 5 crucial things you need to consider to ensure your app will be a successful investment for your business. 

1. Who’s Going To Make It?

We aren’t all tech wizards, but luckily, they’re not a myth. 

Speaking to experts who can help you turn your idea into a legitimate application that’s user-friendly and built for optimum success should be your #1 priority. 

Choosing a development company sooner rather than later is vital. The right partner will advise on the best way to proceed in these early stages to ensure your app will be successful. They will complete in-depth research for you, evaluate the market and select the best process and solution to fit your goal.  

When choosing a partner to work with…

  • Study their portfolio of work and reviews. Many claim to be app developers but may not have credibility or the right level of experience required to develop your app.
  • Compare companies wisely. Don’t be driven solely by pricing, as the cheapest option may be too good to be true. Speak openly about your idea and your budget with the companies you’re interested in working with.
  • Look for credentials, do they work with Apple, or Google? These companies won’t work with just anyone. If the partner your looking at isn’t in contact with the platform providers, do they really have the experience you’re after?
  • Be clear on the process. Credible, experienced companies will give you a clear road map of the development process so you know exactly what’s involved at every stage.

Investigate how well potential developers know mobile apps. How well do they know the landscape? Can they demonstrate a deep knowledge of the development process or are they web developers in disguise? Mobile app development is a different ball game with different goals, success measures, design tools, development tools, and most importantly, very different deployment tools. 

There are many benefits of working with a local, credible company. They’ll work with you end-to-end and assist you closely through the whole process from idea development to design and function. They will be equipped with a team of skilled in house professionals, rather than having to outsource as many offshore companies do. 

Outsourcing can cause headaches for you and your wallet, whereas a local company will make this process smooth and enjoyable. Working with a local company is also collaborative and constructive and you know you’re in trustworthy hands who genuinely care about maintaining a great relationship with you. 

2. Who Are Your Competitors?

Regardless of whether you or your developer are completing your research, you need a strong understanding of your competitors and their digital services to ensure you stand out.

Don’t throw the metaphorical towel in if you discover you have competition within the market.  

Competition is a great thing. 

This means your competitors have recognised an opportunity or a gap in the market. However, it doesn’t mean they’re reaching the full potential of the idea. 

Evaluate other companies and find room for improvement so that you can offer the best possible solution to your customers or employees and be better equipped for collaborating with your developer.

3. What Does Your Target Market Want?

For some, conducting interviews is like eating broccoli as a child. Please no, anything but the broccoli. 

But you sit there staring at it and finally force it down because everyone tells you it’s good for you and you can’t leave until you’ve eaten it. 

If you don’t speak to your target market to understand exactly what would increase their satisfaction with your business, how can you expect to effectively deliver their desired experience?

You might think you know what’s best.  But assumption is the mother of all stuff-ups, my friend. 

Interview a mixture of potential customers and existing customers to gain a broader understanding of how you can both increase customer satisfaction and gain new customers and visibility. 

If your app is designed to be used internally by your employees, perhaps for increased functionality, productivity or safety, you know what to do. Interview all of your staff where possible. They’ll provide valuable insight into what details will improve their experience. 


  • What features/functions would they like to see within your app.
  • Any pain points they have as a customer or employee.
  • Which of your competitors apps they have used and their positives/negatives.
  • Features of other apps that they find particularly appealing/helpful.

Conclude by asking for permission to stay in touch with updates regarding the solution you’re working on for them. 

To provide those of you with strong interview phobia with a little more reassurance… the right development company will actually assist you with this process so you don’t have to go it alone. 

By now interviews should be sounding pretty good and you’ve probably realised broccoli is damn delicious. 

4. How Will Your App Stand Out?

Ask yourself, how will our app achieve our goal in a new and innovative way? 

App retention rates are estimated at between 4% – 32% after 90 days. Not only do you need to create an appealing app that your customers/users actually want, you also need to make sure they don’t turn the bug spray on you after download. 

Invest time into analysing your research and interview data to ensure your point of difference is solid and that you’re creating a unique user experience. 

Your developer will assist you in developing your point of difference, however, having a plan early on will be helpful during the collaborative process. Don’t worry though, you’re allowed to change your mind. During the process, it’s likely that your idea and plan will evolve. Your developer will make suggestions to help you find the best way to reach your goal. This is a flexible process, so be open to adjustments and understand that it’s okay for you to change your mind. 

This takes time so don’t get frustrated, take some deep breaths, explore all of your options thoroughly and reward yourself with knock-offs on Friday arvos. 

5. What’s Your Marketing Plan?

Launching an app for your business is an exciting milestone and deserves an equally exciting marketing plan to pique the interest of your market. 

Investing time into your marketing plan early on will save you time and frustration later on so you can hit the ground running once your app is complete.

You should consider different strategies for both your existing customers and new customers as they will be at different points within the customer life cycle. Therefore, your communication needs to be specifically targeted to each. 

Humans are inherently curious. Utilise this to your advantage and build curiosity for your app before it launches. Warming your customers up prior to launch will highly increase the chances of them downloading it.

If your app is for internal employee use, ensure you have a clear plan for launching and training your employees to ensure it will be used successfully and correctly. 

So, there you have it. 

An effective app can keep your business ahead of the curve and at the forefront of people’s minds. If you knuckle down and follow the right steps, you can avoid app-tastrophe and have a successful app that achieves your goals. 

Do your research, eat your broccoli and invest wisely. 


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