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Cloud computing is the way of the future, and serverless architectures are how your business can use it to the best effect.

Our expertise across cloud technologies allows us to evolve business systems and fuel growth.

Our cloud solutions drive value for our clients, delivering significant improvements across security, costs and operational efficiency.

We are an AWS Select Partner and have forged close working relationships with key AWS staff over many years, enabling us to tap directly into the 'source' of cloud capabilities and approach when considering solutions for our clients.

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Use Cases

Cloud computing opens up a new world of possibilities for deploying apps that help save money and time. Here are just a few:

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Creating Software Applications

Serverless cloud hosting can be an excellent choice for business logic and backend processing when creating a new application or moving a legacy application to the cloud. Repository templates allow Bilue engineers to build applications using serverless technologies and deploy them directly.

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Data Processing

Bilue Cloud Engineers use Lambda functions to transform and process data across many use cases. One example could be a customer review site that allows users to rate products they bought. In this scenario, your Lambda function can update the product metadata when new reviews come in and then send an email alert to product managers.

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Real-time File Processing

One of the most common uses for Cloud is real-time file processing. You might have users uploading files related to their activities. As a business, you might want to process images uploaded by your customers. We can setup a Lambda to trigger new files in an S3 bucket and auto resize images or transcode videos.

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Secure User Authentication

Through Cloud, we can offer your business a range of serverless authentication services. This allows you to verify users without writing any custom code. We can also get you setup to support sign-in via social media providers such as Facebook, Google, and Amazon.

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Real-time Notifications

Cloud is great for delivering real-time notifications to the device. We’re skilled in Cloud Engineering platforms that offer excellent tools for building this type of feature. Bilue’s developers can create highly scalable messaging systems that let you push notifications to browsers, mobile devices, and other services like SMS, HTTP, and email endpoints.

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