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The only fast food your mother would approve of

Founded in 2011, Guzman y Gomez (GyG) has experienced incredible growth to become one of Australia's most loved restaurant chains with over 150 stores across Australia, Singapore, Japan, and the United States serving up delicious Mexican-inspired food made from the freshest ingredients.

As GyG looked to expand franchises into new territories, they engaged Bilue to bring their business into the cloud, enabling them to grow effectively at scale.

GyG hired Bilue to deliver an integrated digital delivery framework across mobile, web, store counters and drive-thru.

Strategy & approach

Bilue began its work by collaborating with senior technology stakeholders within GyG to co-create their technology vision and guiding principles, laying the blueprint for how teams would come to make future decisions.

The Bilue team discovered that three areas (or "critical paths") were being handled manually, creating issues. These paths were High Availability, Disaster Recovery and Scalability. To find the correct solution for maturing and improving each "critical path," Bilue worked with GyG to create a proof of concept for each area using different AWS services.

This project's Inception was the beginning of GyG's transformation toward a mature operating model in the digital space.


As part of their digital ecosystem, GyG used Amazon Web Services but was aware they were not taking full advantage of their technology.

By leveraging a blend of off the shelf technologies and custom-built solutions, integrated into an API-First approach, Bilue was able to leverage the serverless capabilities of AWS services like Cognito, API Gateway, Lambdas, and SQS to provide a robust, scalable ordering solution.

Reactive, to Proactive

With an operation at this scale, Bilue identified the need to form a proactive approach to monitoring.Bilue implemented AWS Cloudwatch and AWS Cloudtrail to oversee the platform, relying on their ability to provide logs at a very granular level. On the back of these logs, various business and infrastructure dashboards with associated alerts were created, aiding the Operations team in their day to day tasks of maintaining the platform.

GYG Worker Serving Food

The joint GyG, Bilue engineering team delivered a solution that will allow GyG to scale at speed into new, international markets.

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Modern, scalable architecture

The AWS technology choices mean that GYG only pays for services they use, allowing them to scale with confidence across the day and into the future. GyG has since been able to switch off legacy servers, thanks to the assistance of Bilue.

The new solution implemented by Bilue offers GyG the ability to expand into new markets whilst offering new products quickly & easily via a comprehensive menu generation system that affords unparalleled flexibility in terms of product inventory, bundling and customisation.

Revolution, not evolution

Bilue put a digital delivery framework in place to ensure the engineering teams could balance quality, scalability and cost on a daily basis.

Ultimately, by using a blended development team of both Bilue and GyG engineers, Bilue was able to collaborate with GyG to leverage the serverless capabilities of AWS services and set the scene for GyG's technology revolution.

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