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We help you bring together
the big picture

Our experts know that an integrated data and analytics strategy allows your business to answer questions faster and make better decisions.

Our teams enable our clients to design, develop, deliver, and maintain a data strategy, data lake, and data lab.

In collaboration with our industry partners our data solutions span user experience, business performance, application performance, error reporting, and monitoring to ensure your teams have the information they need to make informed decisions.

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Bilue brings customer experience and mobile technology to the enterprise market. Our strong relationships with industry partners allows a cohesive approach to integrations.

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SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS

We’ve built one of the first native iOS apps in the region on SAP using the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS.

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Android apps on SCP

We’ve built native Android apps on SCP as well (and have the battle scars to prove it!).

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We’ve built out a pilot app with Voice UI on Realwear hooked into SAP ERP via SCP.

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SAP Fiori apps

We’ve worked on a number of design engagements, redesigning 1st generation Fiori apps to be relevant and intuitive on desktop and mobile devices.

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SAP customers and Apple

We’ve fostered relationships between SAP customers and Apple as we help SAP customers build out their mobility roadmap

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