IR Exchange

Rugged mobility in the warehouse

IR Exchange is a disruptive technology and next-generation business that aims to deliver fairness, transparency and efficiency to the retail sector. Their unique technology changes the relationship between retailers and suppliers by removing the role and associated costs of conventional middlemen.


In the ultra-competitive world of retail, hard-won efficiencies can make a huge difference.

IR Exchange wanted to give independent retailers an edge, combining their power to help negotiate great prices, and provide technology-driven solutions to drive greater efficiencies.


IR Exchange engaged Bilue to provide technical leadership relating to rugged handheld devices for use in warehouses.

Working on-site with the client, we developed a scanning device bringing together Android software, AWS storage, Zebra devices and Docker for virtual container management. This not only provided a flexible foundation for rapid development, but also ensured that costs were kept under tight control.


The product enabled a new flow-through model via IR Exchange warehouses that was fully automated.

Ensuring the correct loads of shipments were packed and transferred seamlessly, prior to shipment out to their customers (the independent retailers).

Developed platforms and technologies deployed
Nish Mahanty, Head of Development
"Bilue’s technical leadership played an important role in the creation of our product - we’d wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone looking for a development partner in the rugged device space." Nish Mahanty, Head of Development

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