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Bringing families together with audio entertainment

Founded in 2015, Kinderling was the first radio station launched in Australia specifically focused on families with children from the ages of 0 to 6. Kinderling was created with the aim to provide quality content and bring the family together through fun, screen-free entertainment.

Kinderling, the kids radio app needed a refresh. As a business, they were looking to expand into new markets, and knew they needed to upgrade their software platform. Given Bilue’s extensive experience in the world of online media, they turned to us for this rebuild.

Kinderling asked Bilue to take their streaming app to the next level as an on demand service

Strategy & Approach

The previous product launched by Kinderling was a stream-only app which provided access to their live programs.There was no ability for users to explore and search for relevant content on demand. Kinderling had a number of goals they wanted to achieve as part of the project, including allowing users to access on demand content, converting users to the premium subscription service and building regular listening habits.

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Fitting in with families

Leveraging strong technical expertise and product consulting to guide priorities, Bilue helped Kinderling create a subscription-based product which allows users to listen to live streams and find on-demand content through an extensive library of programs to get them through any specific time of the day or night.

Listen anywhere, any time

As part of of Kinderling’s goal of bringing entertaining and educational content to families,  live and on demand, Bilue developed apps for Apple’s iPhone, iPad & CarPlay platforms.

From Mixtapes, to their extensive library of classic and new stories, to entertaining & educational programs, Bilue was able to design and build a platform that helped deliver Kinderling’s wide variety of quality content to devices that suited family’s particular needs.

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Bilue helped Kinderling become Australia's #1 awarded Children's Audio Sleep Program

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Bilue played a critical role in delivering a high quality, competitive app to market within an extremely tight timeframe.


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A premium experience

Employing their specialist skillset in cloud engineering and media distribution, Bilue was able to deliver on Kinderling’s key goal of an ad-free, premium experience for families via their subscription service.

The new version of the Kinderling app shipped with exiting new features such as time-based content surfacing, personal recommendations based on previous listening, personal playlists, offline listening and more!

A solid foundation for growth

Bilue’s extensive work on Kinderling’s new delivery platform allowed them a lot more flexibility in terms of how they can extend the product offering and leverage audience insights in order to better serve families.

The new app enables Kinderling to reach new target audience segments and enables market expansion outside of Australia to markets such as New Zealand and US.

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