Unleashing the power of the SAP Cloud Platform

At Bilue, we have one simple mission: to mobilise millions of people through the use of innovative technology. Our focus on mobile and emerging technologies together with deep in-house SAP expertise puts us in a unique position to leverage SAP Cloud Platform to deliver innovative solutions solving tough business problems for SAP customers.

User Experience

Designing an experience is vital to successful workforce deployment. We're Design Led, with a fully integrated UX capability.

Mobile Services

Bilue has been delivering consumer grade mobile solutions for some of Australia's largest companies for more than 7 years.

Machine Learning

We unleash the power of Cloud Platform's ML to deliver a new breed of user experience, and intelligent business process.

Innovation is key

Leveraging SAP Cloud Platform to reach new levels

Rapidly delivering on top of slow moving monolithic systems is a challenge for every enterprise. The question for most is not "should we innovate?" but "where and how do we innovate?". SAP Cloud Platform allows you to innovate without putting your core enterprise applications at risk. 

With our focus on mobile and emerging technologies, we are experienced with designing, developing, testing and iterating rapidly using the capabilities of SAP Cloud Platform.


Industrial wearables in the workplace

Leveraging our partnership with Realwear to improve safety and drive gains in productivity

Digital activity in dangerous or challenging environments took a big step forward with the release of the Realwear HMT-1. Operated by voice in environments up to 96dB and driven by Google's Android operating system, the device is perfectly placed for integration into the enterprise via SAP Cloud Platform.

Tackling complex stakeholder groups

Working with Enterprises to drive massive efficiencies across their business

Software only delivers value when the needs of end users and the business are properly aligned. We put people at the heart of our design processes, from understanding their needs in the first place, through to validating our ideas and finally testing to ensure that the full potential has been reached.

Interested in building on the SAP Cloud Platform?

We're here to help. Drop us a line and we'd love to catch up.