Designing experiences for the modern era

At Bilue we have one simple mission: to mobilise millions of people through the use of innovative technology. Which is why we put people at the heart of our design processes, from understanding their needs in the first place, through to validating our ideas and finally testing to ensure that the full potential has been reached.


Understanding users is a vital aspect of any successful project - we've developed techniques to build this knowledge and apply it with maximum effect.

Product Design

We use a range of powerful tools and tried-and-trusted processes to develop solutions that people love to use - and which deliver exceptional results.


We embrace the principles of inclusive and rapid design to explore and validate ideas, and drive a commercial advantage for all of our clients.

Behaviour change

Working with iOS Engineers to get the maximum impact from Apple's ResearchKit.

We've worked with SP Health to build VegEze, an app designed to drive an increase in vegetable consumption for CSIRO. We worked closely with the iOS Engineering team to better understand how Apple's ResearchKit could be used to simplify information gathering, and then applied best-in-class design techniques to design an app which is fun, compelling and effective.

Tackling complex stakeholder groups

Working within the contractual services space to drive massive efficiencies within the business.

At first glance some things look to be relatively straightforward. But the devil is in the details. By conducting research to ensure that the problems with processes are clearly understood our UX team has laid the groundwork to solve some enterpise wide problems that are blocking considerable productivity gains.

Enterprise experiences

Introducing workers to consumer grade apps

Employees are increasingly expecting the software they use for work to be as good as - if not better than - the apps they use at home. 

We've worked closely with engineers across iOS, Android and the SAP Cloud Platform to leverage the best possible design language, to drive adoption and significant cost savings across the organisation.

Interested in Experience Design?

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