Driving a culture of innovation

At Bilue we have one simple mission: to mobilise millions of people through the use of innovative technology. A vast landscape of opportunity remains unexplored due to old-school thinking, and so our innovation techniques ensure that no stone is left unturned as we work hand-in-hand with our clients to pursue the solutions that drive the best outcomes.

Lean Experiments

Tailored for the rapid development of solutions, from ideas through to validation in days rather than weeks.

Design thinking

For a more thoughtful approach to the challenge, underpinned by methodical research and considered exploration.

Innovation programs

For a reliable program that gets results, we can introduce programmatic solutions that drives culture change.

Innovation within the iOS ecosystem

Passion, deep knowledge, and expertise combined

Working closely with Apple, we've introduced a vast array of innovations into our projects including those leveraging ResearchKit, CoreML, ARKit and Apple Pay. Our Lean UX approach got the product into market in record time, and we're now building on the solid results with patterns of test and learn.


Tackling complex stakeholder groups

Our Design Thinking approach has ensured all angles are considered in pursuit of the best solution

Some processes seem simple at first glance but on this engagement we quickly uncovered a vast array of complexity related to employee types, approval types, contract vs perm, invoice generation and much more. By conducting this research effectively, we've laid the groundwork to solve a problem that's been challenging the business for years.

Enterprise Mobility on SAP

Leveraging SAP Cloud Platform to reach new heights

The workplace is being disrupted again. More than ever the mobilisation of the workforce is enabling the next wave of productivity gains.

Our expertise in the Apple and Google ecosystems puts us in a perfect position to innovate within the emerging SAP Cloud Platform capabilities

Interested in Innovation?

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