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Every second of everyday thousands of new entries enter their way into the internet. Sometimes it’s hard to find value in the sea of countless cat videos, memes and YouTube videos of people unpacking things they just bought.

Linkly is a curated list of just some of the links that we came across and found interesting this week. The ones that inspired us into thinking more about design and technology and how we can make our lives richer.



Less flowers and trees more climbable rock walls!

A really great concept of an outdoors, adventure playground in the middle of New York City. Although a pretty far stretch, we would love to see it influence the next generation of city park designs and giving people the opportunity and even excuse in some cases to live a more active life.




Space X “launches” themselves into the record books


In 1969 NASA scientists sent three astronauts into space, travelling at 11,000km/h, they successfully got two of these guys on to the surface of the moon to play golf and then, got them back home with no harm done to them except a bad case of Jetlag. All this was done with a NASA computer no more powerful than the last smartphone you chucked in the bin. The tech may seem funny now, and really kinda irresponsible, but looking back now, their technological advance pushed us into unseen territory.

Now we see the new generation of space tech. Seeing Space X launch a rocket guided purely by wire and then land the whole rocket onto an autonomous barge in the middle of the ocean sent chills down my neck and makes me think we are only scratching the surface of what we can do.



“Anti-design” creates the most comfortable runner ever!

Designing the most simple, purest thing, can the be the hardest thing in the world. Negative space that was once your friend becomes the enemy, keylines your old faithful, turn their back on you and make your designs look like a blueprint, but maybe we should stop “trying” to design.

The creator behind the world’s most comfortable runners explains his approach to anti design.



NASA image of the day

Second Space nerd article i know, this one isn’t too complicated i just really like being able to see the sound barrier being broken.



And lastly something to warm the soul

These are the types of things that really inspire me. I love music, more so drums and tech and design, and there is no better payoff for me than to see them come together to help someone achieve their goal and fulfill their passions even though sometimes the barriers can be unfairly high.

It’s a simple solution, iPad running software, into an amp. Simple but one of the most meaningful.

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