GOTO Conference, Amsterdam

This June one of our stellar Android Developers, Silvio Brasil, made the journey to  the GOTO Conference & Workshop in the city of fries, cheese and poffertjes – Amsterdam. Renown for its insight into cutting edge and trending technologies this year’s overarching theme at GOTO was ‘Digital Transformation’. The two days of workshops saw Silvio dive deep into the world of data science and machine learning so naturally, we wanted to find out what he learnt. 


Hi Silvio, tell us about the workshops you went to.

The first one was Data Science which explains how to deal with big data and identify patterns between the data and its behaviour. Understanding this was really beneficial for me in gaining a deeper insight into machine learning. It helped me understand the data and how to deal with the data science itself and use this in machine learning. It also gave me a really good grasp of what data scientists are doing and what would be the best way to work with them in the future. Ultimately, it will help me help them.

Day two was learning more about machine learning with TensorFlow and directly correlated with the Data Science workshop. While TensorFlow makes it easier (you don’t need too much code), being very specific in what you are doing and how to handle data goes hand in hand with the data science.


How will this help your work?

I think in the future everything will be able to handle machine learning. By continuing research in this area and training with TensorFlow it will be easier to apply this to mobile and use within different applications.


What was your favourite part about the conference?

Everything. Firstly, Amsterdam itself is an amazing city, a very nice place to go and walk and see a different life. Secondly, the workshop was in a massive conference centre, Beurs van Berlage, that was really quite mind blowing. It was almost hard to pay attention because the ceiling was so high with church pillars – I found that really impressive. On the last day it was a different venue on the other side of the city. The building was an office and it was also nice to see the different lifestyle of work.   

My main goal of going there was to learn more about machine learning and TensorFlow and I think that the workshops were really amazing. Even though it was just two days I learnt so much.



Would you recommend this conference to other developers?

Totally. Not just learning about machine learning itself but the whole package – going to another place, getting lost, people speaking a different language and trying to find your way, asking questions and meeting and talking with people at the conference. It was an amazing experience.

Dank je Silvio!


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